jewelmint winner + vday

a pleasant surprise came in my inbox early february from tara. I am notified as the lucky winner for her Jewel Mint giveaway. i would jump in joy as i read the words "congrats" if i wasn't at work. i wouldn't want my colleagues to think i'm weird. do check out her blog for creative and cute nail art, beauty reviews, DIY projects and much more.

i received the package the day before Vday and naturally i wore it right away for Vday. Yup, we celebrated a day earlier on Feb 13 to avoid the crowd and the exorbitant price restaurants take advantage off.

Jewel Mint Duo, The Baltic Gem Earrings and Calypso Necklace

if you're wondering why i only have 1 earring in the photo, that's because shimo(my cat) was messing around with my accessories holder the other day. i'm pretty sure it fell into one of the drawers unless she swallowed it and i'll have to cut her open.....jk.

i absolutely love the blue/purple stones. the different hues give an interesting appearance to the pieces. the tier chandelier earrings creates a elegant look to the entire outfit. i'll be having fun experimenting casual outfits with them.thanks tara!

downside eating at fancy restaurant: dim lighting + awkwardness using flash == bad photos

we went to truluck's for their all-you-can-eat florida stone crab.

i had 9 claws. yum. i think i did pretty good. the chocolate shopping bag is to die for. not really, but it was really good. it was filled with chunks of cake, berries, nuts covered with warm melted chocolate topped with whipped cream and strawberries. what's not to like??

dreamy cinderella carriage

to end the night. mr. adventure brought me to all our "first" adventures in austin. the photo above is where we watched and listened orchestra for the 1st time in austin. joshua bell was touring with his 4 million dollar violin.


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